List of Popular and Fun Tennis Bets to Give A Shot


Tennis is popular in the sports world and sports betting world. In fact, as a spectator it is more exciting in the betting world since there is a possibility of winning money. Betting isn’t about predicting who is going to win a match/ tournament. Due to its popularity online bookmarkers have broken down tennis game into several components and offer countless betting lines.

With the help of tennis knowledge and few strategies the betting experience is fun and profitable. If you are interested in playing online tennis betting, register with a secure site like with W88 betting company. They are a popular choice among betters in Asia with excellent customer support. Use these betting types to improve W88 tennis odds.

Popular tennis bets:

  • Moneyline bets: Also referred as ‘outright bet’, it involves predicting the winner of an upcoming tournament. If the predicted player is strong and has higher chances of winning, the payout is low. For players who have less chances to win the payout will be higher.
  • Match bet: Similar to the previous one, this involves predicting the winner of a particular match in a tournament. This gives you the advantage to see how a player performs in the first round and then place a bet on them.
  • Set exact score bet: The better predicts the exact score of any of the sets. Since it is tricky to predict it comes with high payouts.
  • Double result: The better wins if two criteria are met – you could bet on a player winning a particular set and the match or you can bet on a player to win a set but losing the match.
  • Over/ under bets: Rather than picking the winner you would have to predict how many sets the match would last. You generally have an option to choose if the sets would be over or under 2.5 in a 3-match format.
  • Prop bets: There is no specific definition to explain prop bets. It involves any bet other than not predicting the winner of a match/ tournament. It could be something like who would win the toss, would there be a tie-break etc.
  • Accumulators/ parleys: It combines multiple bets. The resulting payout is higher than when placing bet on each one individually. Some sites allow you to manually build a parley. The higher the number of selections, the greater the reward. You have to win in every single bet in the parley.

Just because many betting options exist, it doesn’t mean you have to wager on every bet. If you find your predicament working great with particular bets, you can continue playing only them. Assess your decision time to time and change the bet if things go downward continuously.

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