Important things to know about progressive jackpots


Winning a big jackpot is a dream of every casino player. That is why several players look for games with progressive jackpots. The value of progressive jackpots can be more than $10 million. Mostly, online slots can offer these progressive jackpots. But, Poker and other casino games also offer the attractive jackpot.

A casino with progressive jackpots offers a jackpot that becomes bigger with time. Standard jackpots are fixed, while the progressive ones have an increased size. The potential payouts in these jackpots are profitable. In some cases, it takes a few months to find the lucky winner of the jackpots. But, every player has a chance of grabbing progressive jackpots. The software provider and not the casino operatoroffers progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots of different types

Progressive jackpots are of multiple types, and the size of jackpots will increase steadily.

  • Standalone jackpot– Jackpots have no link with machine games. They include a progressive jackpot,and every bet plays a role in increasing your jackpot. You have to focus on the gaming screen to know the jackpot amount.
  • Network jackpots– Network progressive jackpots are created by linking slot machines from different online casinos.
  • In-house Jackpots– These jackpots involve slot games connected to a single casino. Although the payouts may not be high, you will find them attractive.

Progressive jackpots- How do they work?

A progressive jackpot is a special payout that you can win randomly after a spin. Until the player claims the jackpot, the jackpot size will continue to be bigger.

Progressive jackpot games at the casino NetBet covers a part of each wagered bet, and thus, an amount is added to the jackpot.

For instance, several players are playing Divine Fortune at a time. They will contribute to a particular jackpot. Several progressive jackpots have a connection across different casinos. While multiple casino sites offer the game, it will result in a big jackpot.

The slot can take about 10% of each wager and puts the amount in the progressive jackpot.Say, the total cost of every spin is £2.50. Thus, 0.25 of every spin goes to the progressive jackpot.

Winning potential of a progressive jackpot game

To be honest, progressive jackpot games have low winning odds due to the high payouts.

Every jackpot has winning combinationsthat you must have for winning the prize. However, the best fact is that there is a high RTP percentage with the progressive jackpot games.

In 2018, an anonymous player won the biggest progressive jackpot while playing a game from his Android device. By staking 75 cents on Mega Moolah, he grabbed a prize of  £22.3 million.

Previously, another player of Mega Fortune won a progressive jackpot of £20.5 million. You can find the names of several lucky players who won jackpots from playing slots.

To take part in the progressive jackpot games, you can try to look for bonuses. Take advantage of these bonuses to place your bet. However, as the jackpots offer a large amount of money, you must check the withdrawal method.

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